Hourly driver rental service: Taking the drunk and the car home safely with GOCHEAP DriverX

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Driving after drinking alcohol is both unsafe and illegal. To ensure the safety of car owners after they drink alcohol, DriverX hourly driver rental service was established to help bring the drunk people and cars home safely.

The driving service DriverX is increasingly popular

Every day, the car booking system of GoCheap receives a series of calls and booking notices, in which nearly half of them are the customers of DriverX service – a service to hire the drivers for drunk drivers. Especially at night, later at night, the number of trips that the drivers receive is very high. For several times, each driver has to run 4-5 consecutive trips, but the customers in need still have not run out of. The more the year becomes ended, the more the festivals are held, the more customers increase. Most of the customers who hire drivers are the car customers who have used alcohol and cannot drive home. 

Do not drive while drunk

Do not drive while drunk

DriverX service of GoCheap is an hourly driver rental service that has been launched for a long time and meets all car rental needs of everyone such as:

Hiring a private driver by the hour: DriverX driver will transport customers to any location according to the customer’s registered time frame.

– Hiring a private driver 24 hours: The driver provided by DriverX will transport the customer to any location requested by the customer within 24 hours from the time when the customer requests.

– Hiring a driver on demand (a driver for the drunk): Customers can hire a driver to drive according to their needs. It is common to hire a drunk driver to take the car and drunk person home safely.

Previously, there were many customers who knew and used this service, but they mainly hired daily drivers and few people hired drivers after drinking. When the Decree number 100 of the Government was issued, then customers have the needs to find drivers for the drunk people. When more people started to use this service, DriverX hourly driver rental service had more familiar customers.

“Due to the nature of business, my frequency of meeting with customers must be about 4 times/week. Of course, when I go to meet customers, sometimes when I want to finish the works, I can’t sit and drink coffee and I have to use alcohol quite a lot. Previously, when I finished drinking, I usually drove home by myself, but at home, my wife scolded me, and I thought it was dangerous, so I decided to hire a driver for safety. The first time of using this service was introduced by my friend and booked it for me. Later, I became a regular customer and then I booked a car by myself. The service driver will go to the restaurant by himself and then he drives both the drunk and car home. It costs a few hundred thousand Vietnam Dong, but it is safe for our health first”, Mr. Hoang, a close customer of Gocheap, shared.

Professional and quality service

To receive the trust of customers, GoCheap always improves itself, listens to suggestions and improves the service quality.

hourly driver rental service

Choose the GoCheap’s service of driving the drunk home, you can get home safely.

Team of quality drivers

Every GoCheap driver is carefully selected. During the operation in the field of transport industry, GoCheap had its own team of reliable drivers to provide DriverX service. Customers can be assured that GoCheap drivers are regularly checked for their health, ensuring they are always alert when they pick up the customers. 

Because GoCheap understands that with this type of service, the safety of customers’ health and property is the most important. Therefore, the drivers are always the people of experience in the driving industry, able to drive many different vehicles to best handle the situations on the road and avoid inconvenience for customers. The image of GoCheap drivers is always in the best state, which not only shows the professionalism of the company, but also makes customers feel more secure and confident.

Ensuring the benefits and interests of customers

GoCheap is willing to refund 100% of the cost if guests are not satisfied with the trip. When driving the vehicle of the customer, if any problem occurs due to the driver’s fault, then DriverX bears all losses. DriverX hourly driver rental service ensures to solve all problems in accordance with regulations but always prioritizes the interests of the customers.

Price worthy quality

Compared to the cost of renting a taxi from the drinking point to home, GoCheap driver’s rental price may be slightly higher (500,000 VND/02 hours). But you can comfortably rest in your car without worrying about anything; Both the car and the drunk person will be taken home quickly without parking costs and much time to pick up the car. Just give GoCheap your desired picking-up point, destination and time, and GoCheap will screen the drivers who are closest to your destination so that they can pick you up on time. 

Customers can also choose from a variety of payment methods. It can be paid in cash or by bank transfer, as long as it feels most convenient.

GoCheap would like to give the price list of DriverX hourly driver rental service on regular days and holidays for you to refer:

– Hourly price list:

+ In the morning: The minimum price for a trip is 500,000 VND/2 hours, the next block price will be 100,000 VND/hour

+ In the evening: The minimum price for a trip is: 600,000 VND/2 hours, the next block price will be 100,000 VND/hour

After only about 30 minutes of booking the car, the driver will be present at the location provided by the customer to perform the job. 

– Daily price list (average 8 hours, extra fee of 100,000VND/hour):

+ From Monday to Friday: 1,000,000 VND/day

+ Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 1.200,000 VND/day

+ Lunar new year: 1,500,000 VND/day

Please “SAY NO TO DRIVING AFTER DRUNK” for the safety of yourself, your loved ones and your community. With GoCheap, you just enjoy the drive, we take care of all things. Contact GoCheap immediately via hotline +84934343141 (operating 24/24 hours) to get the fastest driver booking!

In addition to DriverX hourly driver rental service, GOCHEAP also provides a platform for Noi Bai taxi booking technology, sharing car, on-contract car, long-distance car with a full range of vehicle types from 4 seats to 45 seats: GOCHEAP – GO FOR FUTURE, www.gocheap.vn.

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